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Emotional Disorders and Metacognition: Innovative Cognitive Therapy by Adrian Wells

Emotional Disorders and Metacognition: Innovative Cognitive Therapy by Adrian Wells

Cognitive therapies for psychological disorders are increasingly recognised as effective and client-friendly treatment approaches that are well supported by outcome and research evidence. However, there is much scope for improving our knowledge and treatment of emotional disorders. This book helps to develop an understanding of the internal rules and processes that guide thinking, and the factors that lead individuals to become trapped in cycles of negative and distorted thought.

In a ground-breaking new approach to cognitive therapy, Adrian Wells addresses limitations of cognitive theories and describes how metacognition, self-attentional processes, and worry/rumination strategies are central to emotional vulnerability, to the maintenance of trauma-related stress reactions, to and emotional disorders. Using the meta-cognitive model, the author describes in detail new clinical strategies which help to guide the clinician towards a fresh cognitive approach to changing negative thoughts, distorted beliefs, and distressing emotions.

Trainee therapists and practitioners, as well as experts working at the frontiers of cognitive therapy, will welcome this book for its

* introduction to this innovative, powerful approach to emotional disorders * details clinical guidelines and applications * theoretical and research-based development of cognitive therapy "Any clinician, researcher, or theoretician dealing with emotional disorders should read this book. Adrian Wells is doing some of the most creative and thoughtful work today on the nature and treatment of emotional disorders. As one of the few individuals to thoughtfully integrate emerging principles of cognitive science with the practice of cognitive therapy. Wells provides a fresh perspective on the process of change in emotional disorders that leads to innovative new treatment strategies."—David H Barlow, PhD, Center for Anxiety and Related Disroders at Boston University, USA

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