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Hafez Poems in English, French, German & Persian

Hafez Poems in English, French, German & Persian


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Hafez in English, French, German & Persian

Based on the edition by M. Ghazvini & Dr. Gh. Ghani

Rendered into English verses by: H. Nickbell, A. J. Arberry, and H. W. Clarke

English introduction: Hermann Nickbell

Rendered into French verses by: Vincent Monteil

Rendered into Germany verses by: F. Rueckert

Persian Calligraphy: Mahsi Fallah


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English, French, Germany & Persian

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964 - 7141 - 28 -9


Hafez Shirazi





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31 x 23 x 4 cm

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Hafez found in the ghazal a well-developed art-form; it had been an instrument of many famous poets, each of whom had contributed in his turn something towards its evolution. Limited by circumstance and tradition to a comparatively short length convenient for singing, it had begun its life as a poem of love and wine; the Sufis had exploited its libertine reputation in their quest for worldly shame, until the allegory had come finally to dominate the simple reality. This new treatment of the form, that must have seemed startlingly novel at first, was not long in fossilizing into a hard convention; the miraculous facility of Sa'di's style might well have rendered further development impossible. The problem Hafez faced was similar in its own way to that which confronted Beethoven how to improve upon the apparently perfect and final; Hafez solution was no less brilliantly original than Beethoven's.

Full Description:

Khajeh Shams al-Din Mohammad Hafez Shirazi, the shining star of the rich Persian literature, was born in Shiraz in around 720/1320. He presented his great Gnostic and poetic services to the Persian literature and Iranian culture during the 77 years of his prolific life.

Hafez created the best literary and Gnostic concepts in the form of eloquent and pithy lyrics. His concepts surpassed those of other contemporary philosophers, thinkers and scholars. His marvelous poems, not complying with the existing norms of his time, contributed a valuable and unique treasure to the Persian literature. He made excellent use of allusions, metaphors, parables and other figures of speech, never achieved before or after him.

Hafez is one of the rare poets capable of expressing the lovers' grief, the feelings of burning butterflies, a candle's sigh and a nightingale's love with great eloquence. He has preserved his words in an ocean of accessible and unique definitions and images, which are an honor for the Persian culture.

From his large collection of poems, nearly 400 well-known verses and lyrics has so far been rewritten and printed thousands of times and translated into tens of other languages.

Hafez recited the Qoran beautifully and cited Qoranic passages by heart according to all the seven reliable related versions of pronunciations.

Hafez died in 803 AH. He was buried adjacent to the public prayer ground in a suburb of Shiraz. His shrine is the place of pilgrimage for the yearning mystics, lovers of poetic perfection and the seekers of truth and humanism.

The poetic heritage of Hafez includes approximately 4000-5000 verses, 400-500 lyric-poems, several long elegies, short couplets and a few pieces of 9th century inscriptions.

His lyrics, attributed to divine grace and the complete messages of the great Qoran, have always been held in great esteem by Persian speakers, enthusiasts and Muslims. People's respect for this great poet is so great that his Divan is found in almost every house.

Before beginning any new venture, or when hesitant about any particular decision, people consult his Divan to seek a convincing answer, which they often find.

About the Author(s):

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