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The Starter Marriage by Kate Harrison

The Starter Marriage by Kate Harrison

The Starter Marriage

The Starter Marriage by Kate Harrison


The Starter Marriage


Kate Harrison

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Literature & Fiction

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Year Published:

19 Oct. 2005


New Ed edition



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384 pages

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112 x 178 x 25 mm

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300 g

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50 SEK


Tess thought matrimony was for life, but her husband has decided that their marriage is the relationship equivalent of a starter home: cramped, claustrophobic and something he's definitely outgrown.

Now, at thirty-five, Tess is in the biggest mess of her life. Known to all her friends as 'Tip Top Tess' because of her dogged pursuit of the perfect home, the perfect marriage and the perfect career, she's now a candidate for How Clean Is Your House? And it's all because Barney has walked out.

But there's a life raft on the horizon: The Divorce Survival Class. It may be uncomfortable, overcrowded and nearly sinking under the weight of excess baggage, but it's a boot-camp for the broken-hearted. Over eight weeks, Tess and her battle-weary classmates will lay bare the darkest secrets of their failed marriages - from the thrills of a threesome to the monotony of monogamy. And course leader William, an alchemist for the unloved and rejected, will turn their lives around in truly spectacular style...

Tess Leonard thought her marriage vows to Barney were for life. But when he leaves her for a busty young secretary, Tess realizes that she needs to rethink her idea of happily-ever-after.

Tess is falling apart-until she sees a life raft on the horizon. It's called the Divorce Survival Class-something like boot camp for the broken-hearted. As Tess gets to know her classmates-and their Machiavelian tutor, William-she sees that life will always continue to move forward. As William leads them through bizarre yet effective methods for healing their broken spirits, the entire group begins to believe again in the one thing they all long for-love.


"A refreshing take on thirty-something angst." (EVE magazine, May 05)

"An upbeat, must-read tale for anyone who has been through the pain of a failed relationship. It delivers insight and humour through richly portrayed characters who present a broad spectrum of opinion on the whys and wherefores of love and marriage - from a man's and a woman's point of view. Poignant from the start, this easy read isn't always a light read." (EASY LIVING, May 05)

"A slick, bittersweet comedy." (YOU magazine, MAIL ON SUNDAY, 10 April)

"Fresh, feisty and fun." (COMPANY, May)

"An enjoyable, bittersweet read. Four stars" (HEAT, 30 April)

"Filled with some great awe-inspiring characters, The Starter Marriage will absorb you into the depths of its pages until the bittersweet end." (REAL, 29 April)

"A bittersweet and often funny read, with believable characters -- you won't want to put it down." (THE SUNDAY POST, 3 April)

About the Author:

Kate was born in Wigan, and lived in more than a dozen places when she was growing up, including England, Scotland, and the Netherlands. She trained as a print journalist and then worked for the BBC as a reporter and Education Correspondent, before switching to behind the scenes producing on programmes including Newsround and Panorama. Her final 'proper' job involved coming up with TV programme ideas for the BBC whilst sitting on beanbags. She is a dab hand at writing on white boards.

Kate Harrison is the author of 16 fiction and non-fiction books, including The 5:2 Diet Book, The Secret Shopper's Revenge, and the Soul Beach trilogy for teenagers.

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Kate was born in north-west England, and moved home more than a dozen times as a child. Despite writing many 'novels' at school (including a four-part thriller set in Paris), her careers officer told her she'd never make a living from stories, so instead she became a journalist at the BBC, working on news and current affairs programmes including Newsround and Panorama.

In 2003, she proved her careers teacher wrong, and published her first novel, Old School Ties. Since then, she's written more novels for adults (including The Secret Shopper series about undercover shopping, and The Boot Camp about extreme fitness!). Her thriller series for teenagers, Soul Beach, is creepier and more chilling, with a murder mystery and a frightening website to be explored ( Her latest ebook is A Batch Made in Heaven, a story of love, London and baked goods...

In 2012, Kate set up a Facebook group with friends following a fasting diet, and later that year, she combined her own experiences and recipes, plus the group members' own tips, in The 5:2 Diet Book, which became a Kindle and print bestseller, and has now been published all over the world. Her Ultimate 5:2 Recipe Book contains delicious recipes and meal plans, plus stories from people whose lives have been transformed by intermittent fasting. In 2013, she published 5:2 Your Life, which explores how making tiny changes on just two days each week can make you happier as well as healthier! And in 2015, her latest recipe book, 5:2 Good Food Kitchen was published, with great meals for both fast and non-fasting days, plus Making Sense of... a guide to understanding diet research, myths and advice.

She's currently working on her next adult and YA novels, as well as experimenting with more 5:2 recipes. Kate loves to cook, to read and to travel. She's lived in the Netherlands and Spain, before settling by the seaside in Brighton.

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Kate Harrison

Kate Harrison
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