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The Widow Ginger by Pip Granger

The Widow Ginger by Pip Granger

The Widow Ginger

The Widow Ginger by Pip Granger


The Widow Ginger


Pip Granger

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Corgi Books


Literature & Fiction / Family Saga

Place of publication:

London, United Kingdom

Year Published:

17 Mar 2003



Number of Pages:

396 pages

Dimensions (mm):

106 x 172 x 30mm

Shipping Weight (g):

211 g

Price (SEK):

50 SEK


It is 1954, the year Roger Bannister won the four-minute mile. Rosie, and her beloved Auntie Maggie are opening up their cafe in Old Compton Street for Uncle Bert's breakfast special when the Widow Ginger comes to call. The Widow Ginger, an ex-GI with ice-cold blue eyes, is especially scary. He has unfinished business with Uncle Bert - business that includes being cheated on his share of a 'liberated' lorry-load of guns and explosives during the War - and he intends to make sure he now gets paid in full. And this isn't all: the lovely Luigi appears to be suffering from a severe case of unrequited lust; Bert and the local Mafioso Maltese Joe have had an acrimonious falling-out; and, most worrying of all, Rosie's best show more


The Widow Ginger is a charming and beguiling work starring a support cast that is eccentric and refreshingly unique." -Midwest Book Review

"This is a very charming tale. I enjoyed the first book in the series, and find myself increasingly drawn to Rosie and her "gang" of friends. I predict a long life for this excellent series. I just hope Rosie doesn't grow up too soon." --Deadly Pleasures

"This book is well written, evoking a different time and a different culture. The way the adults care for Rosie is admirable. Pip Granger makes you feel as if you are spending time with the various characters in her book." –Mysterious Women

About the Author:

Pip Granger was born in Cuckfield, Sussex, in 1947. Her first job was with the City of Westminster, teaching children who had been excluded from school because of emotional and health problems, and Pip began to write fiction only in the 1990s. Her older brother, Peter, was diagnosed with brain cancer, and she wanted to memorialise their extraordinary childhood. The resulting book, Not All Tarts are Apple, was the unanimous winner of the first Harry Bowling Prize for London writing in 2000, and was published in 2002. A sequel, The Widow Ginger, was published the following year, and Trouble in Paradise in 2004. No Peace for the Wicked in April 2005.

Alone, a memoir of her extraordinary childhood, appeared in Corgi in June 2007. Her next book, Up West, an ‘emotional history’ of London’s West End in the two decades between VE Day and the birth of Swinging London

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Pip Granger
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